Striking Gandhi Hospital staff call off stir as state concedes their demands

Striking Gandhi hospital staff - File photo for representation purpose only.

In a positive development today, the striking Contract and Outsourcing employees of the Gandhi Hospital called off their strike following the government’s decision to enhance their salaries up to Rs25,000 besides extending a daily incentive of Rs750 to those on Covid duty.

This was finalised here during a meeting with the Director of Medical and Health department and the Contract and Outsourcing Employees union. The union leader Narasimha Reddy welcoming the decision said the class-4 employees, however, will get a daily wage of Rs300 with a 15 working days on a turn-key basis.

The nurses union along with class-4 employees and other health staff went a flash strike demanding enhancement of their daily wage salaries since Monday. They are to resume works with immediate effect.