Students sustain injuries as cops use lathis at JNTU


Police canned the students of National Students Union (NSU) in Kukatpalli while staging dharna in front of the JNTU college demanding mass promotion of 1st, 2nd & 3rd-year students & 50% fee waiver.


The activists along with its President Venkat Balmoor and Telangana NSUI Incharge Naved Khan went to JNTUH to meet the authorities. But the police obstructed them from entering the campus which led to the protest by the NSUI Leaders. They alleged that police behaved in a rash manner with them and squatted in front of the gate.

The resorted to lathi-charge injuring most of them. One of the students received a bleeding head injury in the melee, complained the NSUI President Venkat Balmoor.

Condemning the incident and their ruthless behaviour, Venkat Balmoor stated that lathi charge on a peaceful protest is unthinkable. “We were here to speak with JNTUH Authorities & resolve the students’ issues which are lawful, but the police attack on us is highly condemnable. We are ready to face even the bullets for the students ’cause”, he said.



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