Suspend cops for attacking Manavatha Roy: Cong writes DGP


AICC National Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju on Wednesday demanded the DGP of Telangana to file an SC, ST Atrocities case against the Police officer and TRS activists who have brutally attacked a Dalit student leader, TPCC General Secretary, Manavatha Roy.


Addressing a press conference today at Gandhi Bhavan, Dasoju Sravan said Roy and another OU student leader Mahendra Yadav were brutally assaulted by the cops who raided the hotel room in Nagarjuna Sagar on the wee hours of today. They were thrashed by cops before being taken into custody. Condemning the police brutality, Dasoju said the Dalit was attacked on the Birth Anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution.

According to him, Manavatha Roy was reportedly beaten, ponderously insulted and abused in filthy language by the Police and the pink party’s rowdies while the former taking rest at his hotel after finishing a campaign in a democratic manner. Referring to another arrest of Mahendra Yadav, OU Student leader, by the Police, Dr Sravan wonders why the Police are arresting the Congress party cadre for CM KCR to organize a public meeting with over 1 lakh people, a sheer violation of Covid-19 guidelines.

Dr Sravan in his letter appealed to the DGP to suspend the Police officer involved in the attack and demands for immediate arrest of the culprits. The senior Congress party leader questions whether KCR and the TRS party have any separate Constitution other than the Constitution written by Dr Ambedkar. The AICC leader lamented that the Dalits are being blatantly betrayed by CM KCR who has promised 3 acres of land and ignored to implement SC, ST sub-plan and he is now even bulldozing the Dalits for questioning the government’s failures by attacking with the support of the Police and with an intention to decline their legitimate rights.

Referring to a recent incident where in the minister Jagadish Reddy, as part of an election campaign at Anumula village, openly threatened a Lambada (ST) youth to kill him for asking jobs and justice for Sunil Nayak, Dr Sravan asked the DGP why didn’t they take any action against the minister for making such a provocative, abrasive comments and why only they are chasing after the Congress party cadre.

“Whether KCR and the TRS party leaders have any special rights in Telangana? Isn’t the Constitution of India applicable to them? Is the law only for the common man and not for the rulers? When KCR by violating Covid-19 guidelines can attend a public meeting at Halia, why can’t Manavatha Roy campaign to his party’s candidate, Jana Reddy?”, Dr Sravan asked.

Therefore, the Senior Congress party leader appealed to DGP Mahendar Reddy to launch an inquiry into the whole issue and requested him to file an SC, ST atrocities case against the culprits. He further asked to suspend the police officer involved in the brutal attack while arresting the miscreants immediately and punish them severely under the law of land.

Dr Sravan asked the Congress party cadre not to lose their confidence and suggested them to fight aggressively against the TRS party.