T-Sports Hub ready to set up District Level Khelo India Centers in the state


Vice President of National Handball Association, Arisanapalli Jaganmohan Rao has expressed his willingness to enable T-Hub help centre to set up 1000 District Level Khello India Centers (KIC) across the country as part of the Ministry of Sports’s “Mission 2024 Olympics”.

He added that the centre would provide the necessary support for NIS coaches, former Olympians and medalists to manage the centres. Those interested in setting up their own academy or coaching at the KIC Center will be appearing on behalf of the ‘T’ Sports Hub to fill in the necessary information to apply.

Anyone interested can call this helpline number (9703299999) between 11 am and 5 pm and find out how to apply. Jaganmohan Rao urged sports clubs, celebrity players and coaches to work together to create a greater percentage of Telangana in the 1000 centre-sanctioned centres. Jagan Mohan Rao said that Telangana children should be able to achieve the highest medals for India in the 2024 Olympics and to provide the necessary support from ‘T’ Sports Hub.



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