Take disciplinary action against RS Praveen Kumar: AP MP writes President

SWAEROES chief Dr RS Praveen Kumar is seen taking a pledge at Bheem Diksha programme in Peddapalli - File Photo

The YSRCP MP from Narsapuram in Andhra Pradesh Raghurama Krishnam Raju has urged the President of India to initiate disciplinary action against the Telangana IPS officer and secretary of SWAEROES Dr RS Praveen Kumar for his controversial religious pledge against Hindu gods.


In a 5-page letter addressed to the President, the ruling party MP brought to the notice of the President about what he termed anti-Hindu religious activities of SWAEROES and its chief Dr RS Praveen Kumar whom he alleged poisoning the little minds of the poor children from Dalit background under the garb of uplifting them. He explained that Praveen Kumar was appointed as secretary of the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Education Institutional Society (TSWREIS) with registration number 452/2014 with a noble objective of providing education to poor children from the Dalit background. But Dr Praveen taking advantage of his position, floated a parallel NGO called SWAEROES using the organisation logo smiliar to that of TSWREIS only to give the wrong impression that it is a government-backed organisation.

In fact, he had been taking up dubious activities ever since in the name of welfare under the pretext of uplifting the poor students by imbibing them the anti-Hindu religious sentiments and prepared a private army of his own.

Further, the MP complained that the IPS was allowed to continue in the same position as Secretary for the last 7 years which is a contravention to the service rules of the Department of Personnel and Training. Terming him as a State-Actor, he stressed the need to initiate punitive measures to bring such state-actors working in a non-stately actor fashion to justice in the larger interest of the society in general and the children in particular.

Raghuram Krishnam Raju further brought to the notice of the President that the pledge taken by the members of SWAEROES including its Supreme Dr RS Praveen Kumar at Bheem Deeksha held at an ancient Buddhist shrine in Dhulikatta village in Peddapalli district of Telangana wherein they took an oath by stretching their hands forward which is as follows:

“I do not have faith in Gowri, Ganapathi or other Hindu gods. I will not worship them. I do not accept the concept of avatars of God. I will not do shraddha karma nor do pinda pradhan. I will not do anything that is against the principles and preachings of Buddha. I will not consume alcohol. I do not believe in Rama, Krishna. I do not worship them”.

Continuing his allegation further, the MP alleged that Praveen Kumar promoted SWAEROES team has managed to bag most of the contracts such as food supplies, books, stationary, clothes etc to TSREWIS institution for which he is the secretary appointed by the Government of Telangana. “As per the Civil Services Rules, no officer either directly or indirectly engage himself or use his/her official position to the best advantage of other than the government organisation or activities”, hence, Krishnam Raju said Dr Praveen’s case is a fit case for taking up disciplinary action against the IPS officer who was also recently promoted as the Addl Director General of Police though not having any experience of a full time police officer.