Telangana centric ‘Kothaporadu’ Web Series released


Most of the Filmmakers in Tollywood especially the younger ones are creating waves by choosing the Telangana centric themes and thankfully they are all proving to be a big hit.

Thanks to the formation of separate Telangana which perhaps compelled the dominant Andhra filmmakers to make sure that Telangana element is not missed anywhere in their films which in fact was a taboo in the past.

There is now a new genre of filmmakers like Anvesh Micheal who have time and again proved by exploring and experimenting not just with Telangana-centric themes but also exploiting the new innovation in Technologies, Web Series.

One such film is ‘Kothaporodu’ which is out and out a Telangana movie that is sure to be a big hit considering the quality, content and the treatment. The film has brought to the fore the real social fabric of Telangana embedded with art, culture, lifestyle, practises, beliefs, human emotions and ethos.

The story revolves around Raju, a care-free village guy who is new to the city. While his struggle seems to be never-ending, fate has a different plan in store for him.

Directed by Anvesh Micheal and starred by Anvesh Micheal himself as Raju in the lead role, Sudhakar Reddy, Raj Tirandasu, Sai Prasanna and others. The film is being currently released in 4 episodes drama in Season-1 to be released on ‘Aha’ originals before February 8, 2020.

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