Tough times ahead: Ujjain temple Oracle at Rangam


The much-awaited Rangam event by the Ujjaini Mahankali temple oracle Swarnalath held here today in which she predicted tough times ahead with more danger lurking on.


The temple oracle Swarnalath generally predicts things of what’s going to happen in future. She makes in a trans after she gets reportedly possessed by goddess Mahankali. She has been predicting since decades standing on a Wet Pot made of Mud, the event which is popularly known as Rangam.

Reacting to the Chief priest’s questions on Coronavirus she said. “One has to reap what they sow. People must experience the results of Karma of the deeds what they have committed. I am warning you the coming days are more dangerous”.

When asked as to what should be done to please her. She expressed her displeasure over not celebrating the festival this time and asked to perform Homam, a Vedic ritual besides offering her with food of her choice.

The Rangam was held in a very simple manner without taking a ghatam which usually taken out in a procession on an elephant. However, due to restrictions because of Covid19, the historic Bonalu festival was held in the city amidst the presence of a handful of people mostly organisers and the police.