Trade Unions warn Modi, KCR against repressive measures


The confederation of Trade Unions here today have vowed to protect the interests of working-class by bringing pressure on the ruling Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government at the centre and KCR-led TRS government in the state.


Addressing a mammoth gathering at Dharna-chowk in the city today as part of all India strike call given by the confederation of various trade unions, speakers came down heavily on centre for adopting anti-workers policies. The unions participated in the dharna include AITUC, INTUC, CITUC, IFTU, IJU, TUWJ, TNTUC, AIUTUC, AIDEF, CCEGW, AUTO WORKERS, CAB JAC etc.

Speakers like CPI leader Narayana, Telangana Working Journalists Union leader Virahat Ali, former IJU president K Srinivas Reddy accused the Modi of leaving the working community in the lurch after securing their votes in elections. “Instead Modi is waging an undeclared war against Workers, labourers, and minorities in the country”, they alleged.

They also alleged that KCR government in the state has conspired to eliminate trade unions using oppressive tactics against its leaders and warned: “he (KCR) would face consequences in future if he fails to desist from doing so”.

The other leaders who participated in the meeting include Adil Sharif, Vijay Kumar Yadav (INTUC), M Narasimha, V Bose (AITUC), K Eshwar Rao, M Said Baba (CITU), K Srinivas Reddy, Y Narender Reddy, K Satyanarayana (IJU), K Virahat Ali, Vishnudas Srikanth, M Rajesh (TUWJ), Shiga Shankar Goud (HUJ), SL Padma, K Suryam, Anuradha, Muktar Pasha (IFTU), A Babu Rao, Bharat Kumar (AIUTUC), Ratnakar Rao and MK Bose (TNTUC).