TRLD to hold round table conference on New Education Policy on Sept 20

TRLD party chief Kapilavai Dileep Kumar flanked by Dr Devulapalli Kishan Rao and Siddarth is seen addressing media at its party office.

“Despite coming to power for the second consecutive term, the ruling TRS Party has failed to meet the people’s expectations”, said the President of the Telangana Rashtriya Lok Dal party (TRLD) Kapilavai Dileep Kumar.


Speaking after inaugurating its new office premises at Himayatnagar here today, Dileep Kumar alleged that TRS has failed Telangana Movement’s objective of achieving its 3 main planks – Water, Wealth, and Employment. It has pushed the state into a debt trap of more than 3 lakh crore. “But the ruling party says its only Rs 1.70 Lakh crore. Perhaps they might not have taken the loans procured by other govt wings into consideration”, he said.

All these allegations have been levied not by me alone. The entire opposition is in unison in claiming these figures. As a result of which, he said, not a single project could be completed. “All this has been done due to commissions”, he quipped.

Dileep Kumar further announced that a round table conference on the Central Govt’s New Education Policy will be organised on September 20th Vaishnavi hotel in the city. The Draft Committee Member Dr RS Kuren will be the chief guest besides all opposition parties, educationalists and academicians like Prof Hara Gopal, Chukka Ramaiah, Prof Nageshwar Rao and others would participate.

Earlier, Dr Devulapalli Kishan Rao from Warangal has formally inaugurated the party’s new office premises by cutting the ribbon. The others who participated in the programme include Siddarth, Giri, Mallesh, Vishal, Nazeer Ahmed, Omkar, Rishab Jain etc.