TRS manifesto should be thrown into dustbin: Uttam Kumar Reddy

Telangana Congress Party Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy is addressing after release of party manifesto for GHMC elections. Party in-charge Manickam Tagore and other leaders are seen.

TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the TRS Manifesto, released by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao should be thrown in a dustbin as the ruling party has only repeated the promises it had made in 2014.


He was addressing a press conference at Indira Bhavan in Gandhi Bhavan premises on Tuesday before the release of Congress party’s manifesto for GHMC elections today. He said CM KCR has gained expertise in cheating the people with false promises as he had cheated them on the promises of making a Dalit CM and giving three acres of land each for all poor Dalit families. He these promises remained unimplemented even after six years.

Uttam Kumar Reddy reiterated that the TRS Government did nothing for the development of Hyderabad in the last six years. He said TRS Govt was trying to credit for the achievements of Congress party which include Hyderabad Metro Rail, the international airport at Shamshabad, Outer Ring Road, PVNR Expressway, flyovers and other projects. He said that it was during the Congress regimes that Godavari and Krishna Rivers were brought to Hyderabad for drinking purposes.

The TPCC Chief said that it was due to the inefficiency of TRS Government and step-motherly attitude of BJP Government at the Centre that Hyderabad lost Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) which was sanctioned by the previous Congress-led UPA regime. He said that the ITIR project would’ve attracted investments up to Rs. 2 lakh crore besides providing direct and indirect employment to nearly 50 lakh people. Despite sanction by the previous Congress Govt, he said that KCR Govt has failed to get this project grounded although it always remained a secret ally of BJP.

Uttam Kumar Reddy also asked Minister K. Tarakarama Rao to give the status of 100 Days Action Plan which he had announced in February 2016 after winning GHMC elections. He said none of the targets set in the 100 Day Action Plan was met even after the 1,000 days.

The TPCC Chief asked the Chief Minister to clarify as to why poor people were not extended free treatment for Covid-19 by including it in the Aarogyasri Scheme. He said over 2.50 lakh families were forced to spend huge amounts for the treatment of Coronavirus in private hospitals. He alleged that the KCR Government helped many private hospitals rob the Covid-19 patients and their families by not including in the Aarogyasri Scheme and also by not regulating the costs. He said no action was taken against any hospital despite the receipt of nearly 1100 complaints about excess and wrong billing.

Commenting on the promises made by CM KCR of giving free drinking water up to 20,000 litres and free power to laundries and salons, Uttam Kumar Reddy asked as to why these schemes were not already in implementation. He said that CM KCR thought of giving free water and electricity to these poor segments only during elections.

Uttam Kumar Reddy said that more than 100 people lost their lives due to recent floods and heavy rains. However, he said that KCR Govt did not provide any relief to the flood victims. He said most of the amount was swindled by the ruling party leaders and a majority of victims did not even get Rs. 10,000 relief announced by the State Government. He said that the Chief Minister did not even visit any single affected area. He said people who lost their homes and other articles due to the floods were not paid adequate compensation.

The TPCC Chief said that the Chief Minister had spoken about linking Godavari River with Musi River. However, nothing was done to implement the idea. Now the KCR has repeated the same promise to mislead the voters once again. He said that CM KCR was again speaking about Metro Rail expansion only in view of GHMC elections. Further, he said that there was no mention of starting Metro Rail in the Old City.

Uttam Kumar Reddy said that TRS, BJP and MIM were having a secret alliance to defeat the Congress party. He said that the MIM calls itself a national party, but it had no guts to contest on all 150 wards in GHMC elections. “More than winning the seats for itself, MIM focuses on ensuring the victory of BJP and TRS. For the same reason, it is contesting on just 51 seats in Hyderabad and avoiding competition with TRS or BJP in remaining 99 seats,” he said.