TS brings out Covid-19 WhatsApp Chatbot in Urdu


Telangana Government recently launched its official WhatsApp Chatbot – TS Gov Covid Info (on 9000 658 658) to provide authentic information to citizens on the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chatbot was initially made available in Telugu and English. The ITE&C Dept. today launched the WhatsApp Chatbot in Urdu. 

Principal Secretary, ITE&C Dept. Jayesh Ranjan stated, “There’s a dearth for authentic information on Coronavirus and Covid19 in vernacular languages. The situation is even more discouraging when it comes to languages like Urdu which is the second official language of the State. To address this concern, the Telangana Government has decided to bring out the WhatsApp Chatbot in Urdu. We are confident that the Urdu version of the Chatbot will also be received well just as the Telugu and English versions.”   

To start a conversation with the Chatbot, the user should send “Hi” or “Hello” or “Covid” to +91-9000658658 on WhatsApp. Alternatively, the user can simply click the link https://wa.me/919000658658?text=Hi. This leads the user to Welcome page of the Chatbot and one should select A for Telugu, B for English and C for Urdu. Once the user selects C, a Menu with 10 topics is displayed and one should choose a topic to proceed. For queries and clarifications related to WhatsApp Chatbot, citizens can write to covid19info-itc@telangana.gov.in