TS Cabinet to decide on fixing the percentage of DA to its employees


The CM has instructed the finance department officials to pay one Dearness Allowance (DA) to its employees from July 1, 2019, with immediate effect.


He gave instructions to this effect after deliberating with the delegation of various state government employees unions right from Gazetted Officers to the Class-V employees who have contributed their one day salary to the CMRF funds towards flood relief.

Speaking to them, CM felt that the changes should be made in sanctioning of DA to the employees as the powers to decided on the percentage is vested with the Center which is causing undue delays in declaring the DAs every year properly in time. As on date, three DAs are pending. Of this, the Centre is yet to take a decision on two DAs. Due to delay caused by the Centre, the states have no option but to delay the matter. This is leading to the accumulation of dues.

“This should change. For every six months, when the date to pay DA arrives, the DA percentage to be paid in the state should be finalised. If need be, changes should be made after getting the Centre’s estimates. For example, if the State decides to pay 3 per cent DA and if the Centre later fixes it 3.5 per cent, then pay the rest of 0.5 per cent to the employees. If the Centre decides at 2.5 per cent and then deduct 0.5 per cent. Make proposals in this regard immediately. We will discuss the matter in the State cabinet and take a decision,” the CM said while assuring employees unions to meet very soon to resolve all the pending issues.

He also declared that October 26 will be the holiday as Dussera will be observed.