TS extends lockdown up to April 30, Agri sector given exemption


Telangana State Cabinet has decided to extend the lockdown further up to April 30 in view of the prevailing situation in the state.

A decision to this effect along with many others have taken at a Cabinet meeting held here at Pragati Bhavan today. “We don’t allow any congregation as no question of compromise in the strict implementation of lockdown in the overall interest of the state”, he said.

Chief Minister while stating that over 393 patients have tested positive and are currently under quarantine including in those 1625 people who have returned from Markaz in Delhi. “Had this Markaz episode not taken place, our state would have been a covid-free state by this time. But unfortunately, we have to face the situation today”, he said

Hence, we have declared 243 areas as COVID Containment Zones which includes 123 in GHMC area and another 120 in rural areas. “However, we are getting good results as nobody has been found serious so far. If the situation continues like this the first batch will be closed by April 24”, he said adding that the coming 15 days are crucial. In case if no case reported by this month-end, we can opt for the phase-wise lifting of lockdown.

  • He also announced that agriculture and its allied sectors have been given exception due to the rabi season. Hence, Cabinet has decided to release waters from Kaleshwaram to all agriculture clusters under its purview till April 15 to enable the farmers to continue with their farming activity
  • Cabinet has also decided to promote the children studying in pre-primary school owing to the present situation. “Hence, parents need not worry about the academic future of their children”, he said.

“Will send the cabinet decisions to this effect to the PMO now along with the demands we raised during the video conference with the Prime Minister today”, he said. The demands include the following:

  • The demands include providing 50% of the work to the workers under MNREG.
  • Waving off interest on loans taken from Banks

He further stated that the following points have been discussed with the Prime Minister during the CMs’ conference today:

  • Since the current crisis is unique in this century, the world is adopting a unique methodology called QE through which the governing banks in their respective countries will come forward and release 10% of their GDP reserves. In America, American Bank of India has given $3 million dollars while UK has announced 15% on its GDP.
  • Similarly, in our country, if allowed the country will get Rs 2,300,000 lakh crore as per 5% of our GDP as decided by RBI and our Telangana state will get Rs10 lakh crore. This is called helicopter money by the RBI.
  • We have asked PM to make the norms of PMRF applicable to CMRF as well so that state can also equally get fund pulling as donors are coming forward in large scale.
  • Orders have also given to purchase pulses directly from the farmers in the state as they are facing difficulties.