TS introduces 2 key bills to revamp Revenue Act, abolishes VRO post

CM KCR is seen presenting the new Revenue Amendments Act 2020 in the assembly today

Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao has introduced the two key bills in the assembly today including abolition of Village Revenue Assistants (VRA) post and revised new Revenue Act

The two key bills will come up for discussion in the house on Friday. The CM has brought in the historic changes in the revenue department 37 years after the late NTR abolished Patel-Patwari (Karanam- Munasabu) system in 1983. KCR however, while announcing the abolishment of VRO system assured them to reinduct or adjust them in various department of their choice or else “they can also opt a voluntary retirement”, he declared.


As per the new amendments in the act, there will not be any discretionary powers with any officers in Revenue Department henceforth. All the Pattadar Passbooks will be updated in real-time. As part of it, a detailed land survey will be taken up on the large scale in the state to establish the ownership of every inch of land in the state.

He further announced that DHARANI PORTAL would be launched wherein all the records pertaining to every inch of the land in the state will be uploaded with all full documents and history. Anyone who wishes to either purchase and sells the land can completely depend on the information containing in the Dharani Portal. “And no registration of any land will be done manually and instead, Dharnai portal will become the key to register any land, announced the CM adding that “This will put a full stop to all the illegal registrations, duplications etc. Anyone can access the information online through the Dharani portal and download the same as it is a legal document.

According to TS Rights in Land & Pattadar Pass Book Bill, 2020 Farmers need not submit physical documents to obtain crop loans. Banks will verify records available in electronic form on Dharani portal and disburse loans.

He further revealed that as per the new act all the disputes and pending cases before the Tehsildars will be transferred immediately to the Land Tribunal. Any Revenue employee if found committed wrong will be terminated from service and arrested immediately.

Following are the other salient features of the new Revenue Act 2020:


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