TS invokes State Epidemic Disease Act to combat Covid-19


The state government has invoked an Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 in the state with the number of Covid-19 positive cases in the state rose to 21 as 2 more new cases were detected today.

The Epidemic Disease Act of 1897 will be in vogue for a period of one year or extendable depending on the situation thereafter and it empowers to the officers to issue special regulations to be followed by the citizens which may be called ‘The Telangana State Epidemic Diseases (Covid19) Regulations 2020’.

The new laid down regulations will empower the Director of Public Health, Medical Education, Commissioner TVVP, all the District Collectors, Commissioner Police, District Superintendent of Police and all the Municipal Commissioners of Corporations in the state to take such measures necessary to prevent the outbreak of Covid19 or spread thereof within their jurisdiction.

All hospitals, government and private shall provide Covid-19 corners for the screening of suspected cases, as and when required by any of the authority. They are directed to record the travel history of the patient during the screening besides the history of their contacts or the suspected case of Covid19.

All such cases identified as Covid-19 or even asymptomatic should be isolated immediately and the same should be informed to the State Integrated Disease Surveillance and District Collectors, Municipal Commissioners or the local hospital head immediately.

The private healthcare institutions intending to conduct Covid-19 tests should inform state IDSP unit which shall ensure the testing is done as per guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi. These institutes should not deny admission of these cases and not refuse to isolate them. Any violation of these above regulations will be punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

The Municipal Commissioners are empowered to implement the containment measures such as;

  • Barring entry and exit population from the containment area
  • Closure of schools, colleges, cinema halls, shopping malls, swimming pools, gyms, and public places etc. and banning mass congregations, function etc. as may be necessary
  • Initiating active and passive surveillance of Covid-19 cases
  • Hospital isolation of all suspected cases and their contacts
  • Designating any government or private building as quarantine centre.
  • Any other measure as directed by the Director of Health and Family Welfare Dept.