TS is well equipped to cater to any number of Covid cases, says KCR


Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao has declared that his government is ready to conduct tests on any number of people and offer treatment to people suffering with the Corona Virus.

He made it clear this during a review at a high-level meeting held here in Pragati Bhavan today. He said as per the guidelines given by the Centre, lockdown in the State would continue till April 20 as it is and wanted the initiative shown by the people’s representatives, and cooperation of the people in implementing the lockdown besides assistance to the poor to continue without any hindrance.


Medical and Health Minister Sri Rajender explained about the arrangements made for the Corona Virus tests and measures taken for the future requirement. He said that there were 514 active cases in the hospitals, eight were discharged on Wednesday and another 128 would be discharged on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, CM KCR said that to contain the spread of Coronavirus, lockdown in the state had been implemented well. People have extended their excellent cooperation. People should continue their support in the days to come. As per the guidelines given by the Centre, lockdown in the State would continue till April 20, as it is. Later, based on the circumstances prevailing then, changes would be done. People should support the lockdown as they are doing now,” the CM said.

“We have opened 259 Containment Centres in the State and they are being managed effectively. Stringent measures are also being taken so that the virus does not spread. We have adequate test kits to conduct tests on any number of people in the State. There is no scarcity of the PPE Kits in the State as we have over 2.25 Lakh PPE kits. The number will increase to 5 Lakh shortly. We have placed orders for another 5 Lakh kits. In all, the state will have 10 Lakh PPE Kits”, he said

He further said as on date, over 3.25 Lakh N95 Masks are available. This may increase by 5 Lakh soon as we have placed orders for fresh masks. With this, our state will have 10 Lakh N95 Masks. Besides this, Ventilators, other medical equipment, number of doctors, other medical staff, hospitals, beds and all are ready. So far we have over 20,000 beds ready. Even if the patients increase to one lakh, the government made all arrangements for their treatment. The Telangana government is ready to wage a battle against the Coronavirus,” the CM declared.