TS procures a record number of 34.26 Lakh tons of paddy this year



Telangana Civil Supplies Department created a record of sorts by procuring paddy more than the expected targets this year. It purchased double the quantity what it has purchased last year.

According to the details available, in last Kharif season, it has purchased 18.24 Lakh tons of paddy from 4.17 lakh farmers at 2716 Paddy Procurement Centers (PPCs) while in this Kharif season till now a record number of 34.26 lakh tons of paddy was purchased from 6.71 lakh farmers through 3280 PPCs with Minimum Support Price (MSP) valued for Rs. 1770 per quintal for Grade-A and Rs. 1750 per quintal to Common Rice.

In addition to this, 2 to 3 lakh more tons of paddy is expected to be purchased in few more days. Commissioner Akun Sabharwal while congratulating the  Officers and the Staff said: We procured paddy in record level this year in Telangana State beyond the target without any hurdles and problems. We moved forward coordinating with all the sections from District Collectors, Joint Collectors, Civil Supplies Corporation, Department Authorities to ground level without any errors and mistakes. In Kharif, we targeted to procure 25 LMTs, but more than the target we procured 34 LMTs. It may reach up to 36 LMTs by end of this year. Wet paddy caused due to Pethai cyclone will also be purchased.

Reasons for the high yield is said to be due to good weather conditions, ample water supply due to timely rainfall and water distribution from irrigation projects. With government initiation for continuous power supply also helped in good yield, he said.

Last year in Kharif season 8 lakh hectares of acreage was used to cultivate paddy, whereas this it has grown to 10 lakh hectares. There was also less damage to paddy from pests and deceases.  And also due to the increase in MSP rates and Rice millers reluctance to participate in MSP operations for their local business, entire paddy produced by farmers is being sold in PPCs, including paddy of preferred value.

High yield was recorded at Nizamabad, Kamareddy, Jagitial, Nalgonda, Karimnagar, Bhupalpally districts.

After the formation of Telangana State ( In Kharif Season ):

In 2014-15, purchased 11.03  LMTs from 1639 centres

In 2015-16, purchased 15.13 LMTs from 1721 centres

In 2016-17 purchased 16.47 LMTs from 2178 centres

In 2017-18 purchased 18.24 LMTs from 2716 centres

Rs. 5213 Crores have been deposited into the Farmers accounts through Online. But this Kharif season it has risen to Rs. 6055 crores that went directly into 6,71,286 farmers accounts, Sabharwal said.