TS To Introduce Biometrics, GPS In FP Shops & Transport Vehicles




Hyderabad, Dec. 29 (Telemedia) : Minister for Finance & Civil Supplies Etela Rajender held a video conference with the Collectors, Joint Collectors and other Officials here today in his chambers in secretariat. He urged the district Collectors to ensure that all the applications received are properly verified so that all the eligible families get the Food Security Cards and no ineligible family gets the card. They have also been informed to publicise about the availability of rice to every person at 6 Kg at Re. 1/- per Kg through tom tom and print media. Pending issue of Food Security Cards, the eligible card holders can draw rice at Re. 1/- per Kg @ 6 Kgs from the fair price shops based on the key register either generated through system or manual list.

It was also informed that in view of the decision of the Government to supply superfine rice viz., BPT, Sonamasuri etc. to hostels and MDMs (Mid Day Meals Scheme), it shall be ensured by the Collectors that the realistic assessment is made of the requirements based on the actual attendance and to the extent of actual requirement only allotment of rice made to the hostels and MDMS. It was made very clear that only superfine varieties of rice is released and not other varieties.

Collectors were requested to verify the quality of rice on its cooking and good quality rice alone should be released. Minister emphasised the need to ensure that there is no diversion of either superfine rice meant for hostels, MDMS and rice under PDS for recycling etc. and that there should be a vigil on all the fair price shops to ensure that rice is properly issued and no malpractices.

He also stated that ration cards in the fair price shops is rationalized so that the margin of the FP shop dealers is reasonable. He made it very clear that the PDS will be strengthened and streamlined so that Global positioning  system (GPS) for the vehicles transporting essential commodities of PDS and also install e-POS devices in the FP Shops so that rice is issued based on Bio-Metrics (Finger-Prints). Minister reiterated that action would be taken against all those who indulge in malpractices and deny the entitlement to the beneficiaries.

Commissioner of Civil Supplies G.Parthasarathi suggested to the Collectors that the above instructions should be followed; that under any circumstances, the eligible card holders should be given 6 Kg of rice per month per person from January 2015 and that the proper care is taken to ensure that superfine preferred varieties of old rice is given to schools and that there is no diversion at any level. The Commissioner also told to ensure that the custom milled rice of 2013-14 is delivered in full before 31st December, 2014 and that if need be all the provisions of Law like Revenue Recovery Act, or Criminal action should be taken against them.

The Parliamentary Secretary, Commissioner of Civil Supplies, Director Technical, NIC, General Manager, Civil Supplies Corporation and other Officials attended the video conference.