TS to issue New Pattadar Pass Books, old will continue


Hyderabad : The Chief Secretary and CCLA(FAC) has informed that all the District Collectors in Telangana State were instructed earlier for continuance of use of old PPBs/TD’s to record mutations by the competent Revenue authorities till the e-PPBs/e-TDs are ready for supply so as to avoid inconvenience to the general public.

It is further informed that since the Govt. have approved the pattern relating to the design, colour, slogan and emblem of the State on PPBs/TD’s, the District Collectors are hereby requested to adhere to following guidelines in printing of PPB’s /TD’s locally.

  1. To follow the design, colour, slogan and emblem of the State(pattern enclosed) on the PPB and TD to be issued here after under the A.P.Rights in Land and Pattedar Pass Book Act 1971.

2. To assign a unique code and number for each Title Deed and Pattadar Pass Book  which should be attested by RDO.

3. To ensure strictly the printing of the same number on the PPB and TD.

4. To use water marked map Litho paper for the first page of Title-Deed and to laminate the first page after affixing photo and signature of RDO as a security measure.

5. To maintain uniformity for every batch of printing.

6. To strictly ensure that the size of the books is the same as supplied by this office at the initial stage of distribution.