United AP leaders seemed to be better than KCR and KTR: Dasoju

Cong leader Dasoju Sravan Kumar is addressing party leaders at Gun Park after waiting for KTR

AICC Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju came down heavily on the Minister for Industries KT Rama Rao for what he said escaping from attending the open debate organized at Gun Park to debate on the issue of employment in the state.


The Senior Congress leader blamed KTR for his disappearance from attending the debate accusing him of arrogant and negligent on the welfare of Telangana. He said KTR had utterly lied on the recruitment numbers and when challenged by him, he failed to take up betraying the 40 lakh beleaguered unemployed youth. Slogans such as “Like Father… Like Son, Shame.. Shame KTR”, rented the air at the Gun Park.

Dr Sravan along with Congress party leaders and cadre made arrangements to welcome KTR for an open debate. A separate decorated chair with a pink towel was dedicatedly kept ready for the Minister.

However, the minister did not turn up forcing Sravan to react that, “We would have greeted you with nice garlands and flower bouquets. Democracy is all about healthy dialogue, discussion and debate to arrive at concrete solutions to complex issues”.

According to him, even the leaders from the United Andhra Pradesh who were blamed at the peak Telangana movement seem to be better than KCR and KTR as they did continuously issue job notifications which helped our local youth enormously. N Kiran Kumar Reddy, who opposed Telangana, alone had filled 1.10 lakh jobs and the Congress party issued job notifications in 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2013 and filled 1.50 lakh jobs. But, now in Telangana, unemployed youth are becoming ineligible for government jobs due to increasing age who are also not even getting married due to lack of any job notification by our own leaders. “Is Telangana formed only for the employment of 4 of your family members?, Dr Sravan slammed.