Uttam expresses concern over rising commercialisation of politics

TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy is seen addressing the gathering at condolence meeting of former MP Nandi Yellaiah - Photo By P Anila Kumar

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President and Nalgonda MP Capt N Uttam Kumar Reddy has expressed concern over rising commercialisation of politics, especially in Telangana.

Addressing a condolence meeting of former MP Nandi Yellaiah at Indira Bhavan in Gandhi Bhavan premises on Monday, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that it was difficult to find leaders like Nandi Yellaiah who epitomised values, honesty and integrity in public life and sincerity and loyalty for the party. These days, he said values and discipline were missing in both politics and public life. However, he said that Nandi Yellaiah was a man of sterling character and discipline and he rose from the level of a corporator to the 8-times Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha 6 times & Rajya Sabha 2 times) only due to his superior values and refined thoughts.


Uttam Kumar Reddy said that it was highly unfortunate that today people were witnessing an era where there was complete commercialisation of politics. He said the entire electoral process has become so corrupt that right from Gram Panchayat to MP level everyone was talking only about money. He said character, sincerity and commitment to the people in public life have gone missing these days. Consequently, money was controlling the corridors of power in all sphere of public life, he said.

The TPCC Chief said that the life and political career of Nandi Yellaiah must inspire people to do an assessment of the existing political system. He said that society must explore answers to find out the reasons responsible for the distortion of politics. He said good leaders, who sincerely believe in values and principals, could guarantee quality in politics which eventually brings prosperity in the entire society. Stating that Nandi Yellaiah was one of greatest leaders of Congress party, he announced that the TPCC would make all efforts to spread the integrity and character of this great Dalit leader among the people, especially among the Congress cadre.

Recollecting Nandi Yellaiah’s growth, Uttam Kumar Reddy said despite growing to 8 times parliament member, he remained loyal and humble to the party. These days, many leaders compromise on their ideals to secure a post or make monetary gains. But Nandi Yellaiah had lived such a pious life that he built his entire political career based on morals, values, ethics and discipline. Despite being on top position for such a long period, he always maintained a low profile and followed a down-to-earth approach. He always trusted the decisions taken by the Congress High Command and had a strong belief that politicians could achieve their goals only if they have patience on a long-term basis.

The condolence meeting was chaired by former MP V. Hanumantha Rao and addressed by many senior leaders including CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka and others. The other Congress leaders also expressed condolences over the demise of other senior leaders Narender Yadav and Md Sirajuddin who died due to Coronavirus.

Congress leader Uttam Kumar Reddy, V Hanumanth Rao, Bhatti Vikramarka, Sampath Kumar and others are seen paying homage to the former MP Nandi Yellaiah – Photo By P Anila Kumar