Verma back with a ‘Murder’ film as a Father’s Day gift to Amrutha


The maverick Ramgopal Verma is back again with his new movie ‘MURDER’ announcing last evening on the occasion of Father’s Day albeit a different theme this time to satiate his sadistic pleasure.

He has also launched the first look poster of his film based on the tragic story of Amrutha and her over loving father Maruthi Rao. Announcing this in a series of tweets today, Verma said: “Ironically it’s too much love of a father which caused the violent tragedy in Amrutha and Maruthi Rao’s Story..Nobody should wish such a SAD FATHER’S DAY.

This is going to be a heart-wrenching story based on the Amrutha and Maruthi Rao saga of the DANGERS of a father LOVING a daughter too much. The character-based on Amrutha in the film MURDER is being played by ⁦ Avancha Sahiti. “@AvanchaSahithi⁩ who I think has the perfect mix of defiance coupled with strong independence and yet looks so very vulnerable”, tweeted Verma.

However, the father Maruthi Rao Character is being played by Srikant Iyengar who has done the main role in the soon to be released CORONAVIRUS film. In yet another tweet, Ram Gopal Varma@RGVzoomin stated that his MURDER film meanders between 3 moral dilemmas 1. On the limit of a father’s control over his child 2. Should a daughter be ignored even if she’s presumably ignorant about what’s good for her? 3. Can it be justified to take someone’s life in order to better someone else’s life?


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