ViewPoint: Homeopathy has great protective and preventive powers


The fear of dreaded Coronavirus seems to be fading away with the country heading towards unlocking down especially with the arrival of Covid Vaccination.


Thanks to the collective efforts of the Governments, the recovery rate has reached much higher than in Western countries. The life is limping back to normalcy with offices, streets and business establishments are abuzz with activity. The past glory of the Bazaar is back. It appears as if we never had this dreaded Viral before contrary to the fact that the Pandemic is very much hanging in balance like a Damocles Sword on our heads.

We have become resilient. The human race is like a Phoenix bird that rises from its ashes especially the Indians, who could adapt themselves to our ancient researches, into our age-old methods of cure and healing. Before I go further in detail let me make it clear that I am not a Virologist, not an Immunologist, or an Epidemiologist but an ordinary citizen who underwent turmoils caused by this Coronavirus.

The faith and trust that we reposed in our ancestral roots compelled us to treat the age-old Ayurveda, homoeopathy, and Naturopathic treatments are the only alternative Medicine to fight Coronavirus. This has not just boosted the morale of us but also the world which practised the Indian supportive therapies like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga and Pranic healing etc resulting in the increase in immunity system.

Does the herd immunity seem to be back in India? Yes. It appears so going by the drop in the poor number of cases being reported every day. What is Immunity? It is the defensive mechanism for the well being of our Physical health, provider of resistance power for mental health and the most trusted protective garment that gives a safety net to our lives and livelihood.

Thanks to the alternative Medicine, we Indians have regained immunity to fight back the dread virus instead of adopting traditional mainstream therapies. Alternative Medicine is used in place of standard medical care. Here I would like to suggest Homeopathy as an alternative medicine for many of our ailments. It’s harmless but tried and time tested treatment for many of our complaints. I strongly believe in it and willingly opted many a time to this treatment.

Homoeopathy has great protective and preventive powers. My experience has it that neither I nor my other family members afflicted when my husband was down with Coronavirus. Similarly, I have come across many families who had Corona patient at home but none of their family members suffered from the dreaded virus. And the reason can be attributed to the homoeopathic preventive measures.

I also used to suffer from frequent Migraine attacks, flashes, nausea, couldn’t see with one eye and couldn’t bear the slightest sound etc. Tried many pain killers but nothing could save me except the regular doses of homoeopathy helped me in overcoming these bouts. There are remedies in Homeopathy for another number of ailments such as headache, Psoriasis, skin infection, Sciatica, Asthmatic attacks, frequent stomach disturbance, muscular pain, back pain etc.

I think it’s time that we all think of Alternative and Preventive methods and medicines during these testing times. A visit to a good Homoeopathy doctor or an Ayurveda practitioner can help you in many ways. No side effects and all are harmless treatments. Our age-old Unani medicines will help us in controlling the simple seasonal cough and cold by using a ‘Pipli’, an Unani medicine suggested by the doctor. It works like a miracle. Contact the Ayush department for the best remedies.

Faith creates Energy that makes Success possible. But doubt paralyses and makes the possible impossible.