Vijaya Shanti back in action makes her first salvo at ‘missing cases’

Vijaya Shanti - File Photo

Yesteryear cine actress and firebrand politician Vijaya Shanti came out of her self-exile today and fired her first salvo by warning the Telangana state government on the growing number missing cases in the state.


She shared her feelings on her official FB account today on the issue, perhaps for the first time after Congress party Telangana in charge Manickam Tagore met her yesterday and things seem to have worked out and as a result, she opened up today.

It may be recalled Manickam Tagore met Vijaya Shanti amidst rumours that she might jump to BJP and sources said he convinced her to stay back.

Vijaya Shanti pointing out at the growing number of missing cases especially of women in the state advised preventing the crime rather than containing the crime. She said, “It is not fair to resort to encounter after the crime takes place. It is better to stop in advance”.

“City police official website data shows that over 200 missing cases have been reported by October 30th. What is more concern able is at least 65 people went missing in one single day. Among these, few might have some family reasonings, but the majority of them has a criminal motive behind it. We cannot rule it out”, she said.