Village renamed as ‘Kavithapuram’ in Nizamabad district



Hyderabad: In a rare gesture, the Villagers of Khanapur in Nizamabad district exhibited their gratitude towards the daughter of none other than the Chief Minister himself by renaming their village as Kavithapuram. 

According to Khanapur sarpanch Mamatha Nagesh, the villagers now call their village Kavithapuram after Rao’s daughter Kalvakuntla Kavitha. The Khanapur Gram Panchayat has passed a resolution to this effect a few days ago which it said as a ‘token of reverence’ towards the Member of Parliament from Nizamabad Kavitha, for coming to their rescue when they were displaced by the Sri Ram Sagar Project (SRSP) reservoir on river Godavari.

There were 274 houses in the village, which was submerged under the SRSP waters. They have been rehabilitated in a new place, a few kilometres away  from the  original village. “Our MP has taken initiative in allotting a new piece of land to rebuild the village. We met Kavitha a couple of days ago and requested for construction of double-bedroom houses for all the 274 households,” the sarpanch said.