Waterhole Census concluded, 241 Water Bodies found in 3 forests


A 2-day Waterholes Census has been concluded today with a total of 104 volunteers, divided into 43 teams, visited Amrabad Tiger Reserve, Kawal Tiger Reserve and Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary.


In all, the teams visited 241 water bodies during the two-day exercise and made two trips, once in the morning and then again late evening. Each team was accompanied by a local forest department staffer to guide them in the jungle.

The teams spent the night in base camps with forest department making arrangements in these locations for their sleeping. The department arranged 3 buses for transportation to 3 forest locations with NGOs went from Aranya Bhavan, Hyderabad yesterday morning.

In addition to recording evidence of wildlife at the water holes in the form of pugmarks, footprints, scats and droppings, volunteers reported the direct sighting of animals such as Panther, wild dog, sloth bear, sambar, spotted deer, nilgai, chousingha and wild pig at Amrabad Tiger Reserve. Panther pug marks, the direct sighting of Indian Bison, nilghai, sambar, chousingha (Konda Gorre), Spotted deer at Kawal Tiger Reserve. They reported a sighting of Gaur (Indian Bison), nilgai, a variety of snakes, and birds at Eturnagaram. 

Based on the inputs received from the teams involved in the census, the Forest Department will take any additional measures and precautions, for improving wildlife protection issues. 

NGOs who took part in the exercise belong to Friends of Snakes Society, WWF, Deccan Birders, HYTICOS, FWPS and individual volunteers.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests PK Jha appreciated the commitment of NGOs and thanked them for participating in this important exercise. He also appreciated the efforts put forth by the entire staff of forest dept for two days bracing the summer heat.