What will you do if people revolt against Govt?, HC asks State


The High Court on Friday took serious exception at the way the Government is handling the RTC strike. It ordered the government to hold discussions with the RTC Employees Unions on Saturday by 10 am and posted the matter to 21st on Monday.

The 2-member bench headed by CJ RS Chauhan hearing the arguments expressed anger at Advocate General when he couldn’t reply as to why the government had not invited the RTC unions for discussions. He was surprised at the Petitioners advocate’s reply that none had called them for discussions since they went on strike. He questioned the AG as to what the government would do if people revolt against it. “People are power powerful. If they revolt no one can stop them”, the judge pointed out and asked what measures government have taken to mitigate the sufferings of people tomorrow in view of the support extended by TNGOs and Private Cab Operators to the bandh call given by RTC Unions. 

The Court also questioned the government as to why it failed to appoint a full-time Managing Director to the TSRTC. The AG replied that an able officer has been in charge of the RTC and the problem cannot be resolved even if permanent MD is appointed. The court immediately asked him then what made the government to make him a permanent MD and when he is so able why he couldn’t prevent the strike?

The CJ also asked the AG as to why the Government is unable to include RTC employees in Arogyasri category “When it is able to cover so many sections of people under this health scheme”.

While referring to the public revolt in the Philippines against its king, the judge said “no one is an exception to this theory. The public is democracy and government should play father’s role in this, he pointed out and ordered the AG to hold discussions with the employees by Saturday morning by 10 am.