Whatsapp Service Introduced To Address Registration Issues From April 9


The TS Government has introduced a Whatsapp service to enable denizens to bring the issues they face during the process of registration of their properties etc to their notice from time to time. The Mobile number for this WhatsApp Service is 7093920206 which will come into force from April 9.


In a press note issued here today, the department has urged the citizens to utilise the services to their benefit by posting their genuine issues which will be addressed by concerned officials immediately. The department is also planning to create a full-fledged call centre within 45 days from now.  As a precursor to the call centre, WhatsApp Service has been introduced.

What citizens can post:

  1. Information required to complete the registration process;
  2. Stamp duty required to pay;
  • Challenges they are facing in availing the services;
  1. Complaints against people who creating hurdles and want to exploit etc.

What department do:

  1. DR or DIG concerned will respond within 24 hours (excluding public holidays).
  2. In case of requirement, the DR or DIG may call the citizen to the number from where the message is posted.
  • The citizen if he gets proper reply/service then he may post the result; and if he doesn’t, then he may post the latest status.
  1. The C&IG’s Officials will respond to the citizen’s post in case of requirement.
  2. There will be a log maintained in C&IG’s Office so that the progress report in addressing the grievances is analysed and better services are delivered.

In addition to the above, citizens have requested to use online EC service, Market Value Assistance, Registration Charges calculator and other features provided in a comprehensive web portal of the department. https://registration.telangana.gov.in