Why did Shivaji Maharaj never try to win Aurangabad?


By Mandaar Kesarkar from Vadodara

When Aurangzeb was a prince of the Mughal empire, at the age of 17, he was the Subedar of Gujarat. The Nizamshahi dynasty was active and was proving to be a chronic problem for the Mughals. The capital of the Nizams was Daulatabad (Devgiri).

Sometime later, Aurangzeb was asked by his father, Emperor Shah Jahan to keep constant political and armed pressure on Daulatabad. For this purpose, Aurangzeb established the city of Aurangabad. He administered the region quite well. This city flourished under his administration. In short, this city was an emotion for emperor Aurangzeb right from his teenage. It was always well equipped with arms, ammunition and men after Aurangzeb became the emperor. Shivaji Maharaj considered this factor seriously as he thought that attacking this city would enrage Aurangzeb.

The second reason is that Shivaji Maharaj was more interested in expanding his kingdom along the coastline. He avoided coming towards the mainland too often. Even in his southern conquests after the coronation, he was clear that he wanted to expand towards Eastern coastline. This was mainly because he had anticipated the Portuguese, Dutch and British threat that existed. He also wanted to control the coastal areas so that he could levy heavy taxes on these trade merchants and generate revenue.

The third and final reason is that during his entire political career Maharaj never had that many financial resources and time. He was always in the dearth of money. He looted Surat twice, looted the Kalyan treasure etc so that he could manage funds.

That’s why he never attacked Aurangabad.

(This is purely a reproduction of author’s opinion expressed on ‘Quora’)


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