Why should Owaisi oppose Hyderabad as Union Territory?


The remarks made by the MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi in Lok Sabha yesterday has stirred a hornet’s nest as he alleged that BJP is ought to make Hyderabad a union territory.


In fact, he charged that BJP would not only make Hyderabad a Union territory but also Chennai, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Kolkatta will be made as UT soon. He made these remarks while participating in a debate in Lok Sabha over the statehood of the Jammu and Kashmir. He immediately left the house after concluding his speech leaving no room for the treasury to either give clarity or counter it.

However, our rating-hungry TV channels especially the vernacular idiot boxes have raised much hue and cry than anybody else thrusting its gun-mike into the mouths of everyone seeking reactions.

Pathetically, the reactions being expressed by both Congress, BJP and TRS leaders are nowhere near to the reality nor they question his intention behind making such a statement. Congress leader V Hanumanth Rao sincerely declare that his party would fight against BJP if it resorts to make Hyderabad a UT. Similarly, Telangana’s radical ignorant politician who once opposed Telangana tooth and nail and later turned minister today, Talasani Srinivas Yadav came to the defence of his party allay from Hyderabad found asking the reporter whether MIM was a banned party.

The Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kishan Reddy too attempted to counter Owaisi’s statement saying that he (Owiais) ran away from the house without waiting for the reply from his government and goes on giving an explanation about BJP’s stand on making the city a UT.

But none neither failed to check the intentions of Owaisi behind his remarks on the issue nor dare question him as to why he demanded Hyderabad to be made Union Territory during the peak of Telangana movement and what made him oppose now assuming even if the Centre takes a decision.

In fact, Asaduddin Owaisi had submitted a memorandum to the famed Sri Krishna Committee seeking to make Hyderabad a Union Territory in case of deciding to form Telangana a separate state. And the same person today is opposing Union Territory. Indeed a transformation!

As for the question of Talasani Srinivas Yadav whether the MIM a banned party, the counter should have pat come yes. But the less informed journalist colleagues could not counter his statement. In fact, the government of India had imposed a ban on the MIM party after the Razakar uprise in the erstwhile Hyderabad state. The dead party was revived in 1969 after killing 365 people by the then Chief Minister Kasu Brahmananda Reddy. He lifted the ban besides granting 5 acres of land in Darussalam to enable it to construct party office. He also helped the defamed party with a cash of Rs 5 lakh to make it contest in the elections. And no one can deny the fact all these favours have been extended only to create a permanent opposition to the Telangana movement.

There is more to it than what meets the eye. In fact, Asaduddin’s statement goes a long way to create a debate among the general public thereby inciting dissention against BJP that may work in their favour in the next elections to come. The recent political development wherein the sister of AP CM YS Sharmila announcing her decision to launch a political party in Telangana also has its connotations with neither TRS nor MIM responding to the development except for one or two ministers commenting on this.

They simply quipped saying people cannot accept outsiders in Telangana. However, the fact remains that outsiders may not be the ultimate winners, but they continue to call shots even in post-Telangana as nothing changed much except for the change in governance.