Wild Cat disappears after giving a tough time to forest officials


The cheetah that has sneaked into the city has disappeared after giving nightmares to the denizens and the forest officials. The forest authorities today declared after a 24-hours search operation that the wild cat had moved towards Chilkur forest area.

The Cheetah was spotted laying on a middle of the road under a bridge in Katedan area which was later entered into nearby function hall injuring one person. The police and the forest officials have launched a massive hunt for the big cat but in vain as it had slipped into thick bushes in Rajendranagar area. The drones were also used to spot the cat but to no avail.

The authorities said with the help of CC TV footages and footprints they arrived at a conclusion that the wild cat had moved towards Chilkur forest area through the Rajandranagar agriculture university campus. They also announced and alerted the people in surrounding areas to be cautious about the animal movement as it might come to university precincts for the sake of food available there.

They said that a special team has been deployed to track the animal and all necessary equipment including the iron cages were kept at vantage points to trap the animal and urged the people to inform the police if the animal spotted.


A forest official said that “the Cheetah might have strayed into the city probably from Srisailam forest belt or nearby Amrabad forest in Mahabubnagar as the cat might have found easier for it to trave as all roads were empty due to COVID lockdown”.


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