Will Jana Sena-BJP call shots in AP?


The Pawan Kalyan-led Janasena party and the Bharatiya Janata Party have announced their alliance with an eye on the 2024 elections in Andhra Pradesh.

Announcing this here at a press conference in Vijayawada on Wednesday, the leaders of both the parties including Pawan Kalyan and the BJP State president Kanna Lakshminarayana declared that they would work together to emerge as the ‘third alternative’ to what they termed as the existing ‘Casteist, Corrupt and Dynastic’ regimes in the state.

While coming down heavily on the erstwhile Telugu Desam ruling and the existing YSRCP government for their ‘corrupt and autocratic policies’, they expressed hope that they would form the government in 2024.

Pawan Kalyan claimed that the people of AP were yearning for a third alternative as they vexed with the “dynastic, despotic and corrupt” politics of both TDP and YSRCP. The BJP and the Jana Sena will be the third alternative besides a formidable force by 2024.”

However, their alliance received flak from the opposition parties especially from YSRCP party whose leaders have targetted Pawan Kalyan accusing him of ‘a leader with unstable mind’. Though TDP chose to ignore the Sena-BJP alliance saying they cannot be an alternative to the Telugu Desam Party. Hence, did not criticise Pawan Kalyan much.

The observers, however, point out that this new alliance might work to strengthen each other in the days to come. But the fact remains that the hidden agenda for both parties is – Amaravathi as both of them have been opposing the shifting of capital from Amaravathi to Vizag.

It is also perceived that BJP has its own master plan to utilise the ongoing Amaravathi crisis to their best advantage. Pawan was called to Delhi by the BJP top brass only to apprise him of their party’s move to resolve the “Capital Tangle’. However, they wanted Pawan Kalyan to help BJP bring the ongoing political scene on Amaravathi issue at the ground level to a climax stage. The rest will be handled by the centre.

Now it is to be seen whether JanaSena-BJP alliance would work in favour of BJP, Jana Sena or Amaravathi?