Will KCR dare expand his Cabinet to import a Babu from Kerala?


VIEWPOINT: A media report about the possible induction of a Kerala cadre IPS Officer Laxman into the Telangana State cabinet has now turned out to be a hot topic among political circles especially TRS cadres.

The news purportedly planted in a national English magazine based on a gossip appeared in one of Manorama’s publications in Kerala. The story has initially created ripples in TRS circles as it had sent the cadre two-types of messages. Firstly, it said that KCR is all set to expand his cabinet that created new hope among aspirants of ministerial berths in waiting.

Secondly, it conveyed that the expansion has planned only to induct him (Laxman) into the Cabinet. Further, the story also mentioned that the proposed incumbent Laxman will also be allocated IT portfolio. This created further confusion among party leaders as the IT portfolio is presently being held by none other than KTR himself which only mean this would be straight replacement of KTR with Laxman.

But the question is what made KCR replace KTR? Moreover, what a serving IPS officer would do in the IT sector and how he is related or connected to the IT Sector? And above all what made KCR give him much of priority. There is more to it than what meets the eye.

However, political analysts feel that going by the KCR’s style of functioning this wouldn’t be possible as there is no political compulsion nor necessity to do so. And above all importing Babus like this straight into the cabinet without seeking public mandate would not only set the wrong precedence but also boomerang on KCR.