Work From Home helps increase family bondings, says TITA survey


The new-age buzz word, Work From Home (WFH) being offered by the IT industry is helping the IT professionals strengthen their family bonding as they are spending more time at home.


According to a survey conducted by the Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) employees used to spend two to three hours extra for travelling in addition to their actual work hours. The survey, which took 500 samples in 150 projects over a month, also said about 57 per cent of them are not keen on an onsite opportunity at this point due to the fear of coronavirus.

The 14-point questionnaire, administered personally and also online, said nearly 90 per cent of the companies have extended the WFH post lockdown. About 82 per cent of the respondents said they would like it if the facility is further extended.

TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala said the survey aimed to understand how the WFH is being implemented, their views about extending it and other aspects. He said the WFH has helped many people strengthen their family relationships.

The IT sector, according to NIMHANS, was among those that were seeing a high rate of divorce and discord. The WFH has given time to iron out many such issues, he said adding that about 89 per cent of those surveyed have reported enhanced relationships with spouses and other family members.

Issues with internet connectivity, missing teamwork and occasional power outages remained the key challenges for WFH. About 62 per cent said they had no work pressure while WFH. The survey, however, said that about 48 per cent were putting in 8-10 hours work and about 29 per cent said they were putting in 10-12 hours of work at home. A majority of the companies did not give any incentive for WFH.

The survey said about 45 per cent used their bedroom as workplace and about 24 per cent had a dedicated work pod while about 22 per cent used the main hall to work, Makthala said.