World Environment Day observed in Pashamylaram, Speakers call for mass agitation


The fate of the people living in Asia’s most polluted industrial belt, Pashamaylaram seems to have been sealed with Telangana government appears to be turning nelson’s eye in initiating action against those industries causing pollution.

The pharma mafia which has grown powerful over the years during the united Andhra Pradesh has turned this once fertile zone into a Hell on the Earth. The industrial effluents released into open had polluted not only water bodies but even the groundwater resources making life miserable for plants, animals and human beings.

The scenario was one of the planks for the Telangana agitators during the historic Telangana movement. But its been 5 long years since no let up to the hurdles being faced by the people here. They continued to remain a mere living corpse with the ruling TRS party that came to power with a promise to resolve the long-pending issue had also appeared to have turned its back to the issue.

Today, being the World Environment Day, the speakers at a public meeting organised by the World Environment Organisation (WEO) in Pashamaylaram village came down heavily on the government for not initiating any action to save the people of this region from extinction.

The veteran Supreme Court Advocate Nirup Reddy called upon people to wage a public battle to demand the strict implementation of the Supreme Court judgement which issued direction on 7 key points for implementation including setting up of a super speciality hospital in the region to deal with pollution-related ailments besides setting up Effluent Treatment Plants by Industries and formation of a high power committee to monitor the pollution etc. “The judgement came way back in 2017 but no one bothered to implement it as the people lack awareness”, he said.

Nirup Reddy had been fighting cases against industrial pollution in Patancheru since 1989. He approached both Supreme Court and Green Tribunal for 60 times and submitted several reports to the Parliamentary Committee for resolution of the issue but nothing could work due to lack of government will.   

The Editor of Maahyderabad and a Telangana activist Sridhar Dharmasanam pointed out that there is no difference now in the environment prevailed way back in 1992 wherein he had produced a documentary on the Patancheru pollution for Hindustan Times Television (HTV) and subsequently, for Jain Television in 1999. “It’s pathetic to note that Governments have changed. The State has changed. Even the economic status of people has changed but not the life expectancy”, he opined and urged the people to gear up themselves to launch a public agitation to save their next generation from extinction.

Another senior journalist Pasham Yadagiri pointed out “Unless you people come forward to fight nothing would change and demanded to set up a multi-speciality hospital in the region immediately. He wanted youth to come forward to create awareness among people on the impending dangers from pollution and assured all help and support to them in this endeavour.

President of the World Environment Organisation (WEO) CH Bhadram came down heavily on the corporates for deliberately violating the government rules in connivance with the officials and thereby causing innumerable damage to both the environment and the people. He wanted all sections of the people to gear up for waging a united battle against these corporate companies polluting air, land and water bodies.

According to a report, the theme around the world is about tackling air pollution today. Back home in India, the air pollution crisis has reached alarming levels causing one in every eight deaths in the past year. Our new governments, NDA-2 and TRS-2 can ensure a breathable Telangana by adopting clean energy and efficient implementation of the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) –an action plan that aims to reduce air pollution by 20-30 per cent by 2024.

The others who spoke on the occasion include Kalyan, Mittapalli Ramakrishna, Ankapur Prashanth, Akhil, Srikanth, Shekhar and Abhinay.