World needs to know: How China could overcome Corona crisis?

Chinese President Xi Jinping inspects prevention and control work against the new coronavirus in Beijing on Feb. 10.

The corona epidemic is troubling the world. It originated in the Wuhan area of China. The Chinese government immediately declared war on the virus and closed the Wuhan area. People were restricted to their homes and provided all the facilities. New hospitals are built at lightning speed. It brought medical equipment, doctors and health workers to Wuhan from outside. Ventilators are the key to this medicine, so take them out of the rest of the mandate and avoid scarcity. With this, the corona was tied up. Efforts have also begun for its vaccine.

How this became possible was due to the people’s dedication to the Communist Party. With the arrival of the plague, it was not all over. The Communist Party government has built a state-of-the-art health care system in China. The infrastructure is in place. Its support was able to stand up to this emergency which was even applauded by the World Health Organization.

The world needs to learn from China. This is the characteristic of the socialist system. Now China has tightened up and provided vital medical equipment to the European Union.

Cuba is also a socialist country. There are 7.8 doctors per thousand people. The Cuban health system was recognized as one of the highest in the world. Cuban has now sent its doctors to Venezuela, Italy and Africa to bolster this epidemic.

On the other hand, in the other capitalist countries of the US, the health system is in the private sector and they are incapable of tying the pandemic. There are not enough hospitals. There is a shortage of doctors, nurses and health workers. Ventilators are not correct. This is because governments have deviated from public health as part of the implementation of neoliberal policies in capitalist countries who have neglected their health system. Budget allocations have been reduced.

Together, all of this has now posed a challenge to the non-socialistic countries and their system flaws are very clear now. Despite warnings from the World Health Organization, the United States and Britain have responded lately. They are more concerned about the potential deficits in the economy than their peoples’ health during this crisis. This is visible in the announcement of share market-saving packages to protect corporations by the Donald Trump government in the US. The US does not mind lifting sanctions despite threats to people’s lives in countries like Iran and Venezuela. This is imperialism. For them, profits are more important than people.

The policies adopted by the imperialist countries in the face of the challenge posed by the epidemic of corruption have set their real face before the world. This is a lesson. Another lesson is on “climate” changes.

The Chinese people were restricted to houses during their fight against corona. They have shut down industries, and coal-fired power plants to reduce the “carbon” in the atmosphere and they could reduce by 25 per cent. Around 5 percent of carbon is attributed to the decline in aircraft traffic worldwide. Nitrogen dioxide has been reported in the atmosphere as two-wheelers and cars are not turning.

So far, Trump has dismissed climate change as a hoax and an illusion. Withdrew from the Paris Agreement. Now, two months later, the improvement in the climate is due to a reduction in the use of coal, petrol and diesel. This should be taken as an opportunity to curb the possibility of solar and gas power generation in the coming days and also provide a climate crisis.

Based on these experiences, the public health system should be given priority in all other countries. Be responsible for climate change. Research is needed to find appropriate drugs to prevent coronavirus. In particular, developed countries such as the US must recognize how dangerous the business trend is to humanity. In this difficult time, the world must once again appreciate the exalted socialism of the world.