Yashoda hospital condemns social media campaign against a non-COVID patient


The Yashoda hospital on Saturday appealed to the media and public not to believe the propaganda being carried out on social media against it which made the non-COVID patient as COVID Patient.

In a press note and video message sent through an email today, the hospital senior PRO Sampath condemned the Bill of a reported COVID patient being circulated on social media and WhatsApp groups said that “It has become a practice to some fraudsters and culprits to misuse Whatsapp & Social Media spreading untruthful rumours about our hospital. The name of the patient mentioned on the bill Mir Waheb Ali Khan was not a COVID patient and whatever allegations they made are totally false, untruthful and 100 per cent fabricated propaganda with full of lies.

The uncle of the patient in his video message revealed that a local MeeSeva agent in his locality had collected the bill from the patient’s brother assuring him to get some reimbursement from the government. “But he misused it by circulating it on the social media and Whatsapp groups alleging that the hospital had collected huge amounts for treating a COVID patient”, he said adding that the patient was tested negative while exhibiting the test report.

Unfortunately, they made a non-COVID patient as COVID Positive patient and launched an orchestrated campaign to damage the reputation and image of our Hospital, Patient’s privacy and Personal life, said the PRO Sampath.

The video also narrated the version of doctors who explained the medical procedures that were performed on the patient to make him recover in just 6 days from a severe lung infection which was very fast and family members were very happy. “He was also tested negative for COVID”, said a lady doctor.