Yet another unemployed ends life in Telangana

Uemployed teacher ravi who committed suicide in Nagarjuna Sagar

In yet another suicide, an unemployed youth of Nagarjunasagar Hill colony committed suicide today after failing to get a job.


According to the details, the victim identified as Ravi had been working as a private teacher in Divine Mercy School in the hill colony. But due to corona, he was not getting a salary for several months and due to which he landed in financial difficulties. Police said last night wife and husband had a tiff over finances and the wife left the house. Shocked at the turn of events and unable to find a way out, he resorted to the extreme step leaving behind his two kids orphans.

Meanwhile, the opposition BJP and Congress leaders took the matter seriously and made a virulent attack on the KCR government for forcing people to lose their life for want of jobs.

BJP leader Krishna Sagar and Bellaiah Naik of Congress party appealed to the youth not to resort to such extreme steps and instead, called up on them, to fight back against the KCR regime.



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